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  • Published: September 24, 2020

As a family law practitioner, I often hear (usually from mothers) complaints about the father touching their child’s private parts inappropriately. These complaints go beyond what would be considered “appropriate” touching such as helping a child take a bath, or helping a male child urinate in the toilet or a female child clean herself properly after using the toilet. The child can be male or female but the complaint is the same—the father is touching the child for his own sexual gratification and the mother wants his visitation stopped, supervised and possibly criminal charges brought against him. She claims to…Read More

  • Published: September 24, 2020

An airman from Luke Air Force Base late last month became the first to receive an assignment that took into consideration his child custody arrangement. Master Sgt. William Rotroff will move this fall to his next assignment at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where his ex-wife and son, Chevvy, live, the Air Force Personnel Center said in an Aug. 27 release. The Air Force on Aug. 17 began allowing airmen who have court-ordered child custody arrangements to ask to be stationed near their children for their next assignments, or to have their next assignments deferred if it would take…Read More

  • Published: September 24, 2020

In an episode from 2018, the actor Glynn Turman sat on a sofa with his arm draped affectionately around his wife, Jo-An, as the two recounted their experiences together for the documentary series “Black Love.” Amid talk of marriage, children and a meet-cute at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, Turman paused to broaden the conversation with an impassioned plea. “We’re not angels, we’re not saints — we’re human beings,” he said, speaking about the perception of Black Americans and their relationships. “Let’s not leave out any of the wonderful, wonderful love and the bonds that we, as a people,”…Read More

  • Published: September 24, 2020

Sweat trickled down my neck as I stood in the heat alongside my daughter and husband, waiting for our turn to march in the Los Angeles Pride Parade in 2018. While I had been a spectator at Pride before, I never guessed that one day I would be marching beside my teenager, dark maroon lipstick painting her lips, a barrette pinning back her now almost shoulder-length hair, a “she” pin fastened to her “love wins” shirt. She was beaming and radiant. I looked over at my husband and held his gaze. We each ceremoniously waved the pink, blue and white…Read More

  • Published: September 24, 2020

The husband and wife were alone in her boutique, but the security cameras captured it all: him pushing her down, punching her, slapping her and dragging her by the hair across the floor. In footage from last year that recently circulated online, he can be seen hauling her into another room. Minutes later, the woman — her hair flailing — plummets from the second floor onto the street below in the central Chinese city of Shangqiu. The woman, Liu Zengyan, said later it was the only way she could escape. As she lay in the hospital after the assault, with…Read More

  • Published: August 7, 2020

Prior to March 18, 2020, fathers typically would demand 50/50 access time with their child following a divorce. Amid the pandemic, the custodial landscape has experienced a tectonic shift. Both litigants, lawyers and judges have had seismic experiences which will likely shift their approach to custodial issues in New York courts. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a view developed that once the home quarantine ended, there would be a tidal wave of divorce actions surging into the New York courthouses. With New York City well into Phase 4, all remains calm. There has been no significant rise in the number…Read More

  • Published: July 30, 2020

At this time of an historic health emergency, strains could appear in an intact relationship, while in a fractured relationship those strains and disputes become problematic quickly. It is difficult for lawyers to tell clients that barring an absolute emergency they cannot come to court to seek relief. It is difficult for lawyers and judges to fathom that while our Chief Judge has ensured that courts remain open for essential matters, their access to non-essential courtrooms, hearings and motions are severely impacted at least for the time being...Read MoreRead More

  • Published: July 22, 2020

Recent family-related news included domestic violence victims in the U.K suffering catastrophic consequences due to cuts in services, the great importance of communication for interracial couples, complications for international couples due to the coronavirus, struggles for a married lesbian couple despite the recent Supreme Court ruling and despite the broadening definition of family to include more than two parents, complications still exist...Read MoreRead More

How To Obtain Copies Of Documents From The New York City Family Court
  • Published: July 20, 2020

For Non-Attorneys Parties may obtain copies of Family Court documents by submitting a request by U.S. Mail, email, or telephone to the Family Court in the county in which the case was or is being heard. Contact information for each of the five New York City Family Courts is as follows: Bronx Family Court 900 Sheridan Avenue Bronx, NY 10451 718-618-2098 Kings Family Court 330 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-401-9610 Manhattan Family Court 60 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013 646-386-5223 Queens Family Court 151-20 Jamaica Ave Jamaica, NY 11432 718-298-0197 Richmond Family Court 100…Read More

  • Published: April 4, 2020

Fear of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on already fractured families. With Family Court only hearing emergency matters like child protection proceedings, pugilistic parents are left to their own devices with no one to referee or enforce custody agreements. “This is hard for people,” said family law attorney Ava Gutfriend. “The courts are closed. So [one parent will] say, ‘Tough nuts. I’ll do whatever I want.'” Click here to read the complete article.Read More

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