I am an attorney dedicated to helping clients with their family law problems.  As an owner of my firm I have devoted over 17 years to helping families navigate their legal issues.

I enjoy working with client's who are willing to collaborate with an attorney, hand in hand, and learn about their legal problem.  Then, empower a client to understand what is possible if they really want to exercise their legal rights.

To solve these legal issues, we use a variety of strategies and firm resources, including traditional litigation.  Our goal is to achieve a lasting result that benefits your family for many years after your case is complete. 


The firm concentrates in areas of custody and visitation, paternity, child support, abuse and  neglect, orders of protection and divorce. I am current member of the Bronx County Family Court Bar Association, Bronx Women's Bar Association and New York State Bar Association.   

Touro Law School,

Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 1999
Clark University, 1995

Bar Number: 3948460
Admittance: 2000

Member Bronx Family Court Bar Association

Member American Bar Association
Women's Bar Association of New York, Bronx Chapter

Martin J. Mohr

Attorney at Law/Owner

Why do I help people with family Law issues?

People with family law problems come for help because they don't know how to